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  • Writer Danaë Brook has transformed the garden of her hunting-lodge-style home into a flourishing rose-growing business. Here she takes us on a fragrant tour of the house and grounds

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    Danaë in the hut by her garden lake, where she likes to write her journals and poetry


    Writer and rose-grower Danaë Brook lives and works with her husband Robin Duthy, an art analyst and gardener. They married in 2000 and between them have three sons and six grandchildren.


    A French-style hunting lodge in the Stour valley, on the Essex/Suffolk border, in the heart of Constable Country. The house was designed by the noted architects Raymond Erith and Quinlan Terry for Robin’s parents in 1971, when they gave up their summer house in France. Danaë and Robin moved in ten years ago and immediately set about
    creating their own rose-growing business, Country Roses, in tandem with their other careers. ‘It is a house that is full of light – a summer house, really,’ says Danaë. ‘It was built to capture the light and is imbued with a very French style. Its setting is perfect as it has a spectacular view of the Stour valley and a 13th-century church, in which
    we were married.’


    There are rose beds throughout the 48 acres of land, with a total of 10,000 bushes and more than 60 varieties, which are all scented. A large field is devoted to roses for farming, with additional show rose beds in a formal rose garden for domestic use, plus a polytunnel for growing on and an enormous glass house. ‘The  rose-growing is our attempt to find an ecological way of making our land productive,’ says Danaë. ‘You would be amazed at what florists will call a rose; the foreign industrially-grown roses have no scent, no thorns and are bolt upright – the opposite of real roses. We grow them for people who want glorious blousy, scented roses – old-style garden varieties that are opulent, fragrant and sexy.’

    Danaë and Robin have together developed the rest of the garden with rolling lawns, a sunken garden, herbaceous borders and ramblers that climb through the trees. The grandchildren love to play on the swings that hang from a rose-laden tree and a weeping willow by the lake.


    Danaë and Robin say that ‘we have developed our own style while respecting the original spirit of the house’. They have updated the interior rather than changed its inherent design, which is restrained and classically English with a charming hint of old-school French chic.

    For more information about Country Roses, tel: 01206 273565, or visit

    Danaë is currently writing a book, A Passion for Roses, which will be published next year

    ‘Robin appreciates roses and encourages me to do wondrous things with them – for me it’s like painting’


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    Words Sarah Stewart Smith

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    "ROBIN ME " by: KING VADER (full video)

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