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  • Pull Box Calculation 10 31 13

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    Etymology 1[edit]

    From Middle Englishbox, from Old Englishbox(“box-tree; box, case”), from Proto-Germanic*buhsuz (compare Dutchbus(“container, box; bushing of a wheel”), GermanBüchse, Swedishhjulbössa(“wheel-box”)), from Late Latinbuxis(“box”), from Ancient Greekπυξίς(puxís, “boxwood box”), from πύξος(púxos, “box tree”).


    box (pluralboxes) (see also Usage notes below)

    1. A cuboid space; a container, usually with a hinged lid.
      • 1963, Margery Allingham, chapter 1, in The China Governess[1]:
        The huge square box, parquet-floored and high-ceilinged, had been arranged to display a suite of bedroom furniture designed and made in the halcyon days of the last quarter of the nineteenth century, […].
    2. As much as fills a such a container.

      a box of books

    3. A compartment of a storage furniture, or of a part of such a furniture, such as of a drawer, shelving, etc.
    4. A compartment to sit in at a theater, courtroom, or auditorium.
    5. A small rectangular shelter like a booth.
      a sentry box
    6. A rectangle.
      Place a tick or a cross in the box.
      This text would stand out better if we put it in a box of colour.
    7. An input field on an interactiveelectronicdisplay.
    8. A numbered receptacle at a newspaper office for anonymous replies to advertisements.
    9. A trap or predicament.

      I'm really in a box now.

    10. The driver's seat on a coach.
    11. (cricket)  A hard protector for the genitals worn by a batsman or close fielder inside the underpants.
    12. (engineering)  A cylindrical casing around for example a bearing or gland.
    13. (soccer)  The penalty area.
      • 2010 December 29, Chris Whyatt, “Chelsea 1 - 0 Bolton”, in BBC[2]:
        Poised link-up play between Essien and Lampard set the Ghanaian midfielder free soon after but his left-footed shot from outside the box was too weak.
    14. (computing,slang)  A computer, or the case in which it is housed. usage syn. transl.

      a UNIX box

      • 1996, Siu Ha Vivian Chu, DEC vt320 → linux boxen in comp.os.linux.networking
        i can't seem to find any how-to regarding connecting a terminal to a linux boxen via parallel port...
      • 2002, Gregory Seidman, serving debian to redhat boxen in muc.lists.debian.user
        Furthermore, it is necessary that all four Linux boxen have the same development environment...
    15. (slang, with the)  Television.
    16. (slang,vulgar)  The vagina.
    17. (euphemistic)  Coffin.
    18. (juggling)  A pattern usually performed with three balls where the movements of the balls make a boxlike shape.
    19. Horse box.
      • 1877, Anna Sewell, Black Beauty Chapter 22[3]
        He was a fine-looking middle-aged man, and his voice said at once that he expected to be obeyed. He was very friendly and polite to John, and after giving us a slight look, he called a groom to take us to our boxes, and invited John to take some refreshment.
    20. (baseball) The rectangle in which the batter stands.
    21. A Mediterraneanfood fish; the bogue.
    22. (dated) A small countryhouse.
      a shooting box
      (Can we find and add a quotation of Wilson to this entry?)
      • Cowper
        tight boxes neatly sashed
    23. (informal)box lacrosse
    24. (genetics) One of two specific regions in a promoter.
    Usage notes[edit]

    Hyponyms of box (noun, etymology 1)

    Derived terms[edit]

    Terms derived from box (noun, etymology 1)


    Pull Box Calculation 10 31 13

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    A pull box is a junction box that is placed in long conduit runs to make the pulling in of the wires easier. The code only allows 4 one quarter bends between pull boxes.

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    Pull request'ы позволяют вам рассказать другим о тех изменениях, которые вы разместили в своём GitHub-репозитории.

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    Box (ранее, базирующаяся в Редвуд-Сити, Калифорния, представляет собой облачное управление содержимым и совместное использование файлов для бизнеса.

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    The Pull Box. Bi-Weekly new comics commentary.