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  • Inferior "Flash" Grant Gustin gets in a weird fight with fans; deletes tweets & tweets some apology
  • 7 Things You Didnt Know About Grant Gustin

  • Inferior "Flash" Grant Gustin gets in a weird fight with fans; deletes tweets & tweets some apology


    — Grant started getting tweets calling him out because he never has nothing to say about the racist tweets that his co-star Candice gets on a daily basis, but apparently he has time to tweet things "concerning his ego." Also, according to information that zlatanwhy got from Twitter/Tumblr, he jumped in to defend a guy friend of his that was getting accused of being racist, and that's when he started being called out.

    — He called a fan an idiot and then deleted the tweet.

    — He then tweeted that he isn't racist because he grew up in the theatre community.

    — Apparently he replied to more people, but I couldn't get all the screenshots.

    — He deleted all the tweets involving the argument and tweeted an apology.

    — His comment about Ezra's "Flash" that apparently started all this: "Oh sick, I haven’t seen it [is handed phone displaying Justice League image]… They’re completely different. Yeah, I mean I was kind of expecting this, I heard it was going to be kind of like Injustice. I hadn’t seen this yet, what else is out. Sorry I’m scrolling through the whole thing, I haven’t seen this picture. Yeah, that’s sick. Um… yeah, it’s sick. I’m glad it’s really different though [laughs]. Because ours is like a street, vintage feel that I don’t think has been done in any other version of the character."

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    7 Things You Didnt Know About Grant Gustin

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    Grant Gustin can delete his tweets but the screenshots of his ignorance are still here 🌚

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