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  • Lamar Odom Death Scare
    Lamar Odom's death scare seems to be over yet the recent news involving the former NBA star is scary.  Lamar Odom's latest therapy sessions have resulted in improved speech for the 2-time NBA Champion.

    Lamar Odom Death Scare

    Lamar Odom update, October 24, 2015
    12 strokes.  Lamar Odom's 2015 medical emergency included 12 strokes that he suffered in the early stages of the incident.

    Lamar Odom's latest condition remains critical and the strokes may have impacted his ability to walk.  After videos like the following, why didn't any of Lamar's friends and family come to his rescue before it got to this point?

    For Lamar Odom, KhloeKardashian's current husband, who she decided to stay with after his near-death experience, basketball was a way to release inner demons that many were unaware of.

    Update on Odom: Lamar's Dead NBA Career

    This is bigger than basketball and this incident should teach Odom: Lamar's dead NBA career should not play a part in his current state of mind.

    Lamar Odom Update

    Lamar Odom's 2015 incident must motivate him to focus on his two children.  While Kobe and Master P were busy arguing about the matter, there is a few lessons that Odom can learn from Bryant and MP regarding fatherhood.

    Lamar Odom Latest

    Lamar Odom, Khloe and his two children must focus on developing a strong foundation as a loving family.  The next Lamar Odom update will hopefully involve a trip that includes the four as Odom rebuilds his life as a new and improved father.

    Lamar Odom Latest

    Lamar Odom Hospital Pictures on KUWTK

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    30.03.2018 doystatcir73:
    Lamar Odom has been declared brain dead.  Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Make Nice Over Rasual Butler Death.

    24.03.2018 Остромир:
    Doctors have declared Lamar Odom brain-dead, reports  Khloé Kardashian Feels Overwhelmed by Life-and-Death Decisions for Lamar Odom.

    07.04.2018 Лилиана:
    Lamar Odom Death Scare Lamar Odom's death scare seems to be over yet the recent news involving the former NBA star is scary.

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    Lamar odom dead? lamar odom actually dead? lamar odom sacrifices? kim kardashians illuminati ritual? lamar odom. Muner. 9 videos.

    17.03.2018 Леонид:
    Former NBA star Lamar Odom was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel, but contrary to online reports he isn't dead yet.