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    Neil Patrick Harris is an American actor, philanthropist, compose, singer and magician. He spent childhood in Ruidoso, New Mexico.

    Date of birth: June 15, 1973

    Zodiac Sign: Gemini

    He was kin on acting since early age, in school plays, taking little-kid roles in productions at the local high school like a little Mickey Roone. The most popular playing character is Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother (2005–2014, for which he was setted for 4 Emmy Awards) furthermore he did a great job on American Horror Story Freak Show as Chester Creb, and depicted his drama side in David Fincher’s adaptation on Gone Girl as Desi Collings.

    Nowadays, Neil Patrick Harris is loving and caring father and fiercely happiest husband. Living amazing life in his Harlem residence in New York.  Let’s continue reading to know more about his family.

    Ron Harris (father)

    Year of birth: 1946

    Ron was a lawyer and own a restaurant. He once said in interview that his son always wanted to make people laugh, showing card trick.

    Since childhood Neil knew that he is gay. It was hard to accept yourself correctly, especially, getting acceptance from parents and friend. He had relationships with girls even sex, but it was not the deal. Only, after twenties, having experiences in personal searching, leading the Landmark Forum, and listening Tony Robbins recording, as well visiting Robbins retreat on Hawaii,  he decided to open the truth to family and friends. It took some time for parents to accept Neil’s homosexual orientation, father worried about the thing that he would never have grandchildren. 

    Sheila Harris (mother)

    Year of birth: 1946

    She was a lawyer also and helped her husband in restaurant. When Neil became popular parents left their lawyers career and were helping to respond on fan letters. Nowadays, she looks after grandkids. “Sheila is hilarious, generous, intelligent, caring mother and granny” according to Neil. Sheila and Ron have been living together for 49 years and their love had a huge impact on Neil. 

    Ron and Sheila with grandkids

    Brian Harris (older brother, born to same parents)

    Year of birth: February 4, 1970

    Brian does family business and helps to illustrate Neil’s autobiography. He is married and has two grown up kids. In interview to Rolling Stones Brian said that his brother is easy-going and openhearted person. When they were kids, they were acting in the woods all days long, created own reality.

    David Burtka (spouse)

    Duration of marriage: since 2014

    Date of birth: May 29, 1975

    Zodiac Sign: Gemini

    Harris first noticed attractive actor and chef David Burtka in a Broadway adaptation of Gypsy and was completely drawn to him. Unfortunately, Burtka was in relations, and it took some time before anything happened between them.

    At the Emmy Awards in September 2007, Harris and Burtka appeared as an openly acknowledged pair  for the first time ever. In relationship Neil is a head-driven man, otherwise, David is a heart-driven man. They have been an example for many homosexual couples.

    Spouses wanted to became biological  parents so they used surrogate mother service and beautiful twins were born. An important point is that parents don’t know what twin is a biological child to them. They did it, because they wanted to love both children unconditionally. Judging on different children’s behavior, both fathers think that the boy is Neil Patrick’s son and the girl is a child of David Burtka. 

    Harper GraceBurtkaHarris (twin daughter with David Burtka via surrogate)

    Date of birth: 12 October, 2010

    Zodiac: Libra

    Harper (short Har) is lovely and curious girl. Harris says that the name Harper is anagram for perfect that’s way they chose this name. She enjoys cooking together with daddy, playing with bro, watching cartoons. Being a father is great but very hard as Neil says. 

    Gideon ScottBurtkaHarris (twin son with David Burtka via surrogate)

    Date of birth: October 12, 2010

    Zodiac: Libra

    Gideon, Gid for short, was named after Gideon Rubin an artist whose picture of sitting boy is on the wall in Harlem residence. Gid is awesome boy full of energy and life. He likes Yankees, card games. Indeed, for Harris being a parent is the most challenging thing he ever done, and continue doing, but it’s also the greatest joy in Neil’s life.



    Neil Patrick Harris Talks About His Twins!

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    Neil Patrick Harris and his family are known for their over-the-top Halloween costumes. This year, the actor and his family dressed as characters from "American Horror Story: Freak Show.".

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    Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka and their two twins are the ultimate Halloween dressers.

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    Advertisement. Halloween is the only day of the year where you can transform yourself and be your favorite character without anyone thinking you’re insane. Through the years Halloween has evolved a lot.

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    Not too many families absolutely crush Halloween quite like this crew. Neil Patrick Harris and his family win Halloween every year. Harris, his husband David Burtka, and twins Gideon Scott and Harper Grace, go all out every year in late October.

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    Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka, and their adorable twins Harper and Gideon have been slaying the Halloween game since the twins were in diapers.  Stay wonderful, Burtka-Harris family!